brownies + a giveaway!

So, I know I’m supposed to be focusing more on macarons this year, but I had a dilemma.

You see, Icemageddon has happened here in Atlanta.  Being stuck inside and being very cold can only call for rich, chocolatey, warm brownies!

Caramel… Check!

Chocolate… Check!

Layer together!

So now for the giveaway part…

Aren’t you excited?!  Here’s the deal:

Just put a comment on this page. You have until Friday,  January 14, 12pm.



Go (brownies)!!!

* 1 winner will be picked by*


7 thoughts on “brownies + a giveaway!

  1. Okay, last time I was very nice and asked you if you can bake me some cookies,,, then what did my Ate Jen Jen do? Ohh, well lets see, she went to this site, and then the site picked out a “RANDOM” person, then Ate Jen Jen sent them the cookies… You know? I was so sure that I was going to win those, but I hope I win this time because Mommy Beth doesn’t stand a chance to my PARAGRAPH! Lol I’m just kidding… but does this “RANDOM” website choose the comment thats the longest? Because if it does then I’ll just keep on writing and writing and writing. (:
    Anyways. This was supposed to be my little sob story about how I lost last time…

    Hope we get to see YOU soon ❤

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